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Top 7 Brick Wallpaper Trends to Style Your Home

Brick wallpaper is an excellent way to update the exterior of your home’s interiors without blowing your budget on renovations by including character and texture. Even while variations in decor come and go, wallpaper can help define spaces and express personal style. This article provides seven trendy brick wallpaper ideas.

White-Washed Brick Wallpaper

Wallpaper in a white-washed brick design may soften any room and make it feel more welcoming. This design is inspired by the appearance of bricks given a thin layer of white paint, allowing their natural texture and color to peek through. The light and airy feel that white wallpaper gives off works well in any room. Anyone looking for an appealing yet practical way to include white in their home design will find this wallpaper for walls a great option. Because of the light shade, the room seems airier and more flexible.

Beige Brick Textured Wallpaper Murals

Urban Brick Wallpaper

Those who love city lofts’ modern, gritty feel will love urban brick wallpaper. This design captures the personality of weathered, exposed bricks often seen in active urban settings. Urban brick wallpaper’s gritty, genuine appearance lends an air of raw, unrefined character to decorative walls in home offices, dining rooms, and even bedroom wallpaper. Its rich tones and rough texture provide a striking backdrop that can turn any bedroom into an urban oasis.

Classic Red Brick Wallpaper

Red brick wallpaper has a timeless beauty that is hard to match. It makes one think of classic brick walls, making one feel old and at home. This style will work whether decorating a modern city flat or a more rustic rural property. You may use it in the kitchen or living area to make it appear more like home while adding a style touch. With its lively sounds, red wallpaper is an excellent option for anyone who wants to inject their environment with color and personality.

Old Red Brick Texture Removable Wallpaper

Textured Brick Wallpaper

Brick wallpaper with a textured surface adds reliability due to its increased touch qualities. This material gives a more realistic sense of brick by offering a tactile texture. It can draw the eye to a specific area or provide a subtler design scheme depth. For a touch of interest in architecture that is little, textured brick wallpapers are an excellent choice for living rooms and bedrooms. For a touch of class in a modern house, choose this latest wallpaper style that meets the needs of today’s consumers for visual and touch stimulation.

Industrial Brick Wallpaper

Try using wallpaper made from industrial bricks to bring back the rural beauty of an earlier time. The design is usual of the aged, old brickwork seen in holds and other factories. It would be ideal in a home office or man den for that rugged, manly vibe you’re going for. The variety of industrial brick, metal fittings, and dark wood create an impressive and dramatic room. This wallpaper mixes stylish and traditional elements, bringing the fiery spirit of city life indoors. It pays commendation to cityscapes and can be viewed as a form of city wallpaper. It is a perfect choice for rooms affected by city life.

Old Dirty Red Brick Wallpaper For Walls

3D Brick Wallpapers

A fresh and thrilling look to give walls texture and depth via 3D brick wallpapers. Compared to flat designs, these wallpapers are created to make it look like bricks sticking out of the wall. They work wonders when you want to create a surprise and thrilling atmosphere in a room. 3D brick wallpapers are a great way to make any wall in your home look more intriguing and unique. They come in a variety of styles and colors. A unique take on traditional wall covers, they are a popular type of 3D wallpaper that may transform any room with their stunning colors and deep tactile experience. If you want to add something striking to your main living area, this wallpaper style is ideal because it can serve as a focal point that is visually appealing and sure to start a conversation.

Grey Brick Wallpaper Mural

Finally, a grey brick wallpaper mural gives a stylish modern twist to traditional brick patterns. This other option offers a quiet, elegant color scheme that either stands on itself or provides a neutral foundation for brighter hues. The grey brick wallpaper mural is perfect for modern homes and appears excellent in open floor plans like living rooms or wherever you want to display artwork or photographs. This grey wallpaper is a beautiful option for those looking for a subtle touch of sophistication that will elevate the look of any room in your home if it’s a minimalist or industrial design.

Dark Grey Brick Textured Wallpaper

Styling Tips for Brick Wallpaper

When incorporating brick wallpaper into your home, consider the following tips to maximize its impact:

  • Use Lighting: Proper lighting can enhance the texture and color of brick wallpaper, highlighting its features and adding depth to the room.
  • Mix and Match: Mix brick wallpapers with different textures like wood, metal, or soft fabrics. This contrast can create a layered, exciting look.
  • Keep It Balanced: If using a bold or textured brick wallpaper, keep other elements in the room more subdued to avoid visual clutter.


Brick wallpaper is a fantastic way to bring texture and personality into your home. Whether you prefer the clean look of white-washed bricks or the dimensional appeal of 3D wallpapers, there’s a style to match every taste and design vision. Consider these top trends when planning your next home update to ensure a fresh, fashionable look that stands the test of time.

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